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That moment when you buy something for the bag it comes in…

I’m a bit of a sucker for bags and when shopping in L’Occitane I was caught by a beautiful cream and gold polka dot make up bag that I had to have.

It was in a link save deal, so you got it and the £30 of products inside for £15 if you spent £25 in store. Thankfully a) I was with my mum who was spending £25 and b) I knew I liked the products inside and you can never have too many bath products, right?

IMG_4551Look how pretty! It’s a cute little cotton bag and the design on the outside continues on the inside. The question now is whether to use it as a make up bag for my handbag (too small for my full make up routine) or a bag for planning essentials (washi, post its etc). I’m leaning towards using it for planning as I know I’ll see it/use it more if I do and my pencil case is only big enough for just pens.

IMG_4558This is the lovely selection of goodies inside, all in their almond range and in fab packaging. Supple skin oil, which I’m not a huge fan of but I’ll give it a whirl; shower oil which I’ve never used before, but sounds like it would be perfect for my dry skin; body milk; exfoliating soap (L’Occitane soap is lush) and a mini hand cream – perfect for the handbag.

All in all, a lovely little purchase and the best bag that L’Occitane have done in a while (yes, despite the fab products, it’s still all about the bag).

Do you just buy things for their packaging too?

Em x

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