May Birchbox Review

Second to last month with Birchbox and they are getting back in my good books!

This month is a good mix of items I already own/have used (thus showing they do know me) and new finds. This month was a pairing with Harper’s Bazaar and the box it came with had a fab Harper’s design and you get a special subscription offer for the magazine itself (12 issues for £12. Sorely tempted) and a nice glossy booklet to go with your products.

IMG_4564Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I don’t really need to say anything about this after my Liz Earle post the other week, do I? Love this product and love the extra. While on the one hand it’s annoying to get something that isn’t new to me, it’s nice to have something I know I’m going to love for a change.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil

I’ve never used a bath and shower oil before and I don’t know what I was expecting really. The first thing to note about it is it’s not as thick as other oils (body, hair etc) and so I ended up using the whole sample in just one shower! It is a really nice oil to wash with and the scent was amazing – I really did feel like I was in an aromatherapy room in a spa. My skin felt so soft afterwards I didn’t feel the need to use moisturiser and even now, a few hours after use, my skin is soft and I can still smell the lovely scent. Now for the downside. The price. It’s £39 for 55ml which I don’t really see lasting all that long. I guess it would be good for a weekend pamper, but I think now I’ve given them a whirl I’ll try other shower oils before debating a purchase of this.

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner

I do like the Beauty Protector brand. I’ve had four products now through Birchbox and I’ve come to know what I’ll get now – a great product. The shampoo had that lovely distinctive scent (that I can still smell now) that all their products have but the real winner for me was the conditioner. As soon as I put it on my hair it instantly felt silky soft. It’s a bit like when you use the conditioner that comes with hair dye kits in terms of insta-softness. Post hair drying my hair is still lovely and soft. The only thing that did disappoint me with this is that while my hair was silky, it was still quite knotty when wet and due to the thickness of the conditioner my hair did feel a little weighed down by it. So maybe those of you with quite fine hair should give this a wide berth. Overall, at £14 each, they’re not the most expensive of haircare products but I’d say they’re a considered purchase. If you have dry hair in need of some TLC that isn’t too fine/oily then I’d definitely give it a go.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Another product I’ve had before and sadly this time, I don’t like it. I like the result on my lashes – great definition – but it’s the only mascara I’ve found that seems to irritate my eyes. Such a shame. However, at £19.50 for the full size it’s a lot more than I’d normally spend on a mascara anyway.

Soigne Nail Colour

At first I was a bit like ‘oh great, another nail colour I won’t use’ but I love this shade! It’s called Persimmon and it’s a lovely reddy orange that I could see myself wearing all year round. The brush is great to paint with, quite wide and flat and the level of pigment is very good – you can either go for two line coats or one decent one. I can’t sit still for long enough to let two coats dry so this is ideal for me. It’s £11 which for a great nail colour isn’t horrific but the other colours available are very similar to ones I already own for my Sensationail kit. The only thing about this I can’t speak of is how durable the colour is as I’ve sandwiched it between gel base and top coats to make it last longer (I’m certain I’ve spoken before how nail colour just does not last on me).

Other than being disappointed I didn’t get the Phillip Kinglsey dry shampoo to try that others got I’m pretty happy with my product selection this month. Aside from the products I had already used, I received products which were a joy to try and I really liked and I haven’t been able to say that a lot in the past couple of months. I guess my only complaint is each month I’m only receiving maybe one product from a brand that I haven’t already had in a previous box. This may sound a little strange given how much I liked the box this month but for me Birchbox is about discovering new brands and Benefit, Liz Earle… even Beauty Protector now, don’t fit that bill at all. This month the only new brand was Soigne – the nail brand – everything else I’d already had items from in previous Birchboxes. Maybe I’m being picky, or maybe I’m just resigned to the fact that Birchbox isn’t really for me…

What did you think of this month’s Birchbox?

Em x

3 thoughts on “May Birchbox Review

  1. I wasn’t that impressed with the aromatherapy associates oil! I received a MONU Spa oil in my April Glossybox and that is so much better. I did a post about it if you wanna check it out? It’s £29 for 100ml bottle which I think it’s good for a treat!

    This was my first Birchbox so my expectations are pretty high for the next! The liz Earle product was amazing too. I’m defiantly buying that! Great post 🙂

    1. Ooh fab I’ll check it out thanks. I’d check out some more of the Liz Earle range, it’s all lovely products, there’s a post about some of my faves of hers from a couple of weeks ago. X

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