Quick review: Footner Exfoliating Socks

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit lazy recently. I’ve been ignoring my MicroPedi and I’ve started the feel the effects of non-use. 

Hint: very dry. And flakey. Just what you want as the sun starts to make an appearance. In an effort to kick start regular pedis I bought the Footner Exfoliating socks, thinking I could almost erase the past couple of months of neglect and then start again with the MicroPedi after.

Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about…

I was quite excited to try these. Baby soft feet after one application? I’ll take that! My first surprise when opening the box was that the ‘socks’ were basically just plastic bags that you had to cut the top off of. You then put your foot in and were supposed to seal the exposed bit (as obviously the bit you chop off has to be big enough for anyone’s foot to fit in) with a sticky thing attached the bag/sock thing. The sticky thing was not so sticky once removed so was useless. Anyway, I popped them on and popped some thick Joules socks over the top to enable to me to walk around if needed and chilled for an hour. One thing I will say is if you can get away with not walking, do. The bit of the plastic bag/sock that rests against your ankle during use is quite spiky thanks to the cutting and does have a tendency to cut into your ankle when walking.

During the hour I read the rest of the instructions where it said it wouldn’t actually reveal baby soft feet straight away. Oh no. You basically had to wait 5-10 days for the skin to naturally peel away. Lovely. I’ll look forward to finding that around the house I thought.

Getting in the shower and washing my feet was no problem, although the solution in the ‘socks’ is pretty pungent so you should probably get rid of them pretty quickly. My feet did feel a bit softer once I’d cleaned and dried my feet so I was pretty happy with that. Now came the waiting for the full results.

It didn’t happen.

I’m now well over three weeks since I used it and my feet are drier than before. It says that once your feet start peeling it can take two weeks for them to finish getting rid of the skin but I’m at the point where it should be completely finished and there’s actually parts of my feet now so dry and hard they’re kind of spiky. They look seriously in need of a good pumice (or in my case, MicroPedi).

They were so easy to use it was almost idiot proof, so I don’t think there was any issues there. I just don’t think they worked for me. Which is a shame. A £19.99 amount of shame. Oh well. You live and learn I guess.

Have you ever used these before? What did you think?

Em x

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