Glossybox May Review

So as you know, I’m not all that happy with Birchbox at the moment. 

As I said when I was signing up to Birchbox, it was between that and Glossybox but Glossybox’s reviews were too mixed for me to make the purchase. However, when I found out that their May box included a whole host a full size products I decided this would be a good month to give it a whirl.

Firstly, I much preferred the style of the Glossybox questionnaire. It just felt the questions and answers gave me much more confidence that the products I was about to receive would be better matched to me than Birchbox. More on that later…

Secondly, delivery was super quick. I signed up and I think got the May box two days later? Another tick for Glossybox there.


Despite being a Superdrug (boo) collaboration the box design was very nice, and it was a good sturdy box. To add to that the presentation of the goodies was pretty good too.


You get a bit of info about the products and a little magazine with your box, but like with the Birchbox bumpf, I’m not that fussed about all that.

It was a nice varied set of products to open up. I was a bit gutted not to get the overnight foot balm that others received, but aside from the nail beads that I knew I wouldn’t use, I was pretty happy.


Now, onto the products themselves…

IMG_2190Vaseline Spray & Go

I’ve actually already used this before. I bought it when it came out in an attempt to actually moisturise daily and it’s pretty good. It’s not uber moisturising and so if you’ve got quite dry skin this probably won’t be enough for you, but for something quick after the shower, for someone who doesn’t normally moisturise, it’s pretty good. The cocoa butter smell is lovely and probably my favourite out of the three in the range (original and aloe vera being the other two).

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion

Obviously it irked me to get two moisturisers in one box, but this was just a sachet. It felt really nice on the skin, and was a great consistency; not so thick it took ages to rub in and not too thin it didn’t feel like it would do anything. Left my skin feeling soft but didn’t really blow me away. Generally if I’m going to buy a moisturiser (not just something to quickly use before work like the above) I’ll buy something a bit more luxurious and so this doesn’t really fit the bill for me.

Ghost Eclipse

I’m not a huge fan of Ghost fragrances usually. They just never really jump out at me and I never find myself saying ‘ooh I love this’ when I smell their fragrances. But they’re pretty popular so maybe it’s just me? Anyway, this particular fragrance is a lot more me than other Ghost fragrances. I find it quite sweet, while still smelling quite classic. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t really seem to last that long on my skin which is a shame.

IMG_2193Max Factor Facefinity Prime

I’ve been using this for a few days now and I really like it. The end of day effect is comparable to my current Smashbox primer, if not a little better actually. The best thing about this though is it doesn’t leave your skin feeling silky soft at all. Now I know that sounds a little strange but hear me out. It seems to make my foundation easier to apply with my stippling brush as it almost clings to my skin better. Does that make sense? I just find that I get much better results out of my make up application by using this as a base. The only flaw is that if you’ve got dry skin it can exacerbate that and you can sometimes be left working foundation into the skin for ages to get it right. Some people have commented on this not being great for acne prone skin but I haven’t noticed any difference to my spots since using this. Also, at £10.99 to buy this product alone made this box great value.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I was excited to try this as I know it’s a massive cult product. It applied easily and made my lashes look lovely and defined – even a little lengthened. However, by the end of the day the smudging was horrendous. This unfortunately follows my history with Maybelline mascaras – look great, smudge like hell, and a bitch to remove. This got two uses before the bin sadly.

B lipstick

So this is one of the exclusive to Superdrug brands and it was a nice colour that suited me (a tick for Glossybox giving me a shade that suits me!) but the thing that was really obvious about this lip stick is how cheaply it was made. The barrel that you twist up all felt and sounded very loose and the lipstick rolled back down as I was trying to apply it. The lipstick itself was quite a nice texture with a little sheen to it and not very drying of the lips. This however did mean that it didn’t last long at all.

2True 3d candy nail art

As I mentioned above, I hate nail stuff like this having tried it before and didn’t fancy trying this one I’m afraid.

So, will I be getting a subscription to Glossybox?

In a word, no. This is a great box and well worth the money. I was also pleased that most of the products fit me really well (I even own one of them already). However, you only have to look at past boxes to see why the reviews were mixed – they were no where near as generous. I think the plan in the future will be to buy one off boxes with either Glossybox or Birchbox if that month they have a good selection. If not, I’ll just save the cash and use it to splash out on a beauty product I know I want.

What did you think of Glossybox this month?

Em x

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