One Stop Craft Shop Milton Keynes

One of my favourite online craft shops is One Stop Craft Shop. Great prices and free delivery when you spend over £30. Perfect for when you live somewhere with very few proper craft shops.

I was always annoyed that they were based in Milton Keynes but didn’t actually have shop you could visit. Thankfully last month they actually opened a showroom to the public. They’re open limited days of the week so I had to wait a few weeks to finally go but oh boy when I did I was in heaven!

There was just so many goodies to look at! I could have spent a fortune in there and I must have been browsing for an hour at least. I already had in mind what I wanted to look at: My Mind’s Eye and the Hey Boy/Girl/You ranges which I’d seen online loads and never bought anything from.

I wasn’t disappointed with My Minds Eye. Everything was so bright and vibrant and the paper packs had such a great range of designs in them that I knew I could make a million different cards with them. Hey Boy/Girl/You was equally appealing. They had some great colour schemes and just a really nice range of ‘different’ embellishments – acetates, chipboard shapes and canvas flowers to name but a few. May was an expensive month for me so I knew I couldn’t go too mad so I just got a select few purchases:

craft shopSo first up, two paper packs. At £5.75 each they’re not the cheapest for only 24 double sided sheets but like I said above, given the range of different designs, I know I’ll get a lot out of these. The Just Splendid colour scheme is beautiful, I can’t wait to have a play with those later. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t much accompanying items available to go with it – just washi, wooden dots and art cards.

IMG_2189These letter and word sets are lovely and for £3.85 I feel like you get a lot for your money really. The colours are to match the Now and Then paper pack but I know the colour scheme will go with a lot of ranges I have at the moment.

Finally, some Hey Girl die cuts and transparencies which I would have taken a picture of all spread out, but I got them all out once and it took me forever to get them all back together. You get loads! They were £3.55 which again I think is good value. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use them – they feel a bit geared towards scrapbooking rather than cardmaking, but i’ll be sure to show you when I do play with them. Obviously if you really want a picture, comment and I’ll get one posted!

It’s a lovely little shop and I will definitely be heading back… probably to get some more of the above!

Do you use MME or the Hey! Series? What do you think of them?

Em x

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