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Holiday hauls!

My time in Bruges wouldn’t have been complete without some shopping! Gone are the days of me dragging Ed around make up shops and clothes now – now it’s all about crafting and planning!

There wasn’t much for papercrafters sadly, it’s all about fabric crafts over there (which I did still splurge on thanks to my new hobby. But that’s for another post on another day). However, they did seem to like their rubber stamps (called tampons over there, just brilliant) and washi so I was able to indulge a little…

See. Just a few bits and pieces!

So lets start with the small bits first. The letters on the bottom are transfer letters which I’ve never used before but at €0.50 I figured now was the time to try them! They came from a weird and wonderful ‘office supplies’ shop that was tiny but piled high with such random things – stationery, toys, party items. I also managed to pick up 10 little paint brushes perfect for PVA for €1. The butterfly stickers were from a disappointing hypermarket trip (disappointing because it was just nothing compared to the French hypermarkets) and because I can’t go anywhere without picking up stickers! The matchstick post its were only €1.50 and were from the most amazing shop in Bruges. It was mainly crafts but it also had homewares and gifts and generally just lots of cute stuff. My ideal shop in every way. I also picked up the three rolls of washi there, in a pack, for €5. I was pretty happy with that as most other places in Bruges, it was about €3 for one roll. The rest of the haul also came from this one shop…

Masking tape set
Masking tape set

I’d always seen these around but never really knew what they looked like inside. At only €4 I figured it was worth the gamble while I was on holiday and I was so glad I did. All these sheets! I love that I get such a huge range of different styles and colours without the outlay of buying 25 different rolls of washi. They’re generally pre cut into strips, with a few also cut into dots to add some variety.

'baby' rubber stamp set
‘baby’ rubber stamp set

Another absolute bargain here (in my opinion). These are all the stamps you get for €6 in the stamp set. They’re of a really good quality too – rubber and wood well glued and the lines of the stamp look like they’ll make really crisp images. They’re such lovely images too, I can’t wait to get stamping with them.IMG_2327The gift bag set is probably my favourite purchase. I have a thing for cute wrapping paper and bags, even though a) I’m not good at wrapping and b) I generally leave things to the last minute and end up having to get a gift bag to put the presents in. Despite this, I’ve accumulated a posh vintage style wrapping set and a retro set of gift bags like this above and used them a total of 3 times maybe? In the two years I’ve had them? The style of gift bags are cute but because they don’t have much depth to them they’re best for flat or small gifts. Nevertheless, I added to my collection. €17 got me 12 gift bags along with tags and loads of stickers to match (the stickers may get pinched for my planner). Absolutely no idea when I’ll use them but I don’t care!

While I probably could have picked up most of this back home there’s definitely something about going on holiday and treating yourself to things you may not have done on home turf…

Or is that just me?

Em x


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