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Updating my Etsy shop to get more sales…

I was getting a bit fed up with my Etsy shop not really doing much for me. 

It’s my own fault really. I just put it together so I had something to do with all these cards I was making. I didn’t really do much research into how to get sales; I just hoped I could put everything on there and people would come. During my week off work the other week I decided to dedicate a bit of time to improving the success of my shop. I hit upon the Etsy sub on Reddit and the Etsy forums and both were really helpful in terms of basic things I was overlooking. The Etsy forums are a really friendly place too where you can just put your shop on there and fellow sellers will critique your shop. So here’s a quick run down on what I’ve done differently…

Better Pictures

I had already done this a few weeks ago thanks to my lightbox but it’s an important one. They’re still not exactly how I want them, but they look a lot more professional than they did and hopefully I’ll perfect them in time.

Old Picture
Old Picture
bunting (2)
New picture

Better titles

I was introduced to something called SEO which stands for search engine optimisation and it’s basically all about getting my items more likely to be found. This entailed me making sure my shop title had good keywords that would be typically searched for when people were Googling for handmade cards and making sure my card titles were long and covered lots of different types of search terms (i.e. rather than just ‘bunting birthday card’ it’s now ‘handmade card, happy birthday, birthday card, cute card’ etc etc. The same applies for the tags in my items aswell – longer phrases that are the same phrases used in my title. I don’t fully understand it, but I’ve followed some advice and blog posts and hopefully it’ll make a difference.

International Shipping

That’s right, I now offer international shipping. As another seller pointed out to me, if the seller is willing to pay the shipping why not give them the option? It’s not like it’s any extra work for me, I’m still just going to the Post Office to send my items off to buyers. So, for any of you who have liked my cards in the past but I didn’t sell to your country – I do now!


This again, could use a bit of work but it’s a cute stop gap to help my shop stand out a bit more and it’s in the theme of my shop (my business cards and stickers on the back of the cards have pink polkadot backgrounds).



This is still in the planning stages at the moment but there’s definitely more I could be selling the shop. From more papercraft products (and my new hobby once I learn it!) to papercraft supplies there’s definitely a wider range of products I could be selling. Watch this space!

More Advertising on Social Media

I do this every so often, but not nearly enough. I need a consistent presence on social media to up shop views. Maybe I should bite the bullet and finally get a Facebook page for my shop? To help with my promotion Etsy have allowed us to add our shops to the end of their new UK TV advert so I pretty much now have a personalised Etsy advert! Neat, huh?

(Psst… Please share!)

Have you got any other Etsy tips you’d like to share? What do you think of my shop improvements?

Em x

P.S. If you’d like to visit my shop, simply go to:

One thought on “Updating my Etsy shop to get more sales…

  1. This is really helpful, I’ve been thinking about setting up a shop for a while and I’d not really thought about some of this stuff much. It also highlights how important it is to take some extra time and effort Into photographing the items because it really makes a difference! X

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