When to start Christmas crafting?

As I sit here on a rainy July morning, drinking my tea and flicking through the latest DoCrafts Creativity Magazine I realize it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

I’m sure at this point you’re thinking I should be carted off to the loony bin but this idea has been bubbling around in my head for a couple of weeks now. The Etsy forums have been discussing Christmas and Halloween listings a lot already and a quick post on there asking when to start listing Christmas goodies was responded to with a resounding ‘now!’ Then, July’s issue of DoCrafts arrived at my door and what were the free gifts this month? A set of Christmas stamps and a pack of glitter glue.

Well that settled it.

I can’t quite bring myself to actually make any Christmas cards yet but I have started pulling together ideas, looking at this year’s new DoCrafts ranges and getting out my stash of Christmas goodies from last year to see what I need to buy (probably nothing, since I have a whole drawer full of Christmas papers and embellishments). There is also a Pinterest board in progress. I’m doing all this but can’t really feel myself getting into the spirit of things and think I really need to be in order to make Christmas cards. Or is that just me?

I know from last year I started way too late and by the time I was listing my cards on Etsy most people had already bought and sent their cards. I also want to do more than cards this year – last year’s Handmade Christmas magazine got me inspired to make gifts, decorations and wrapping but I never got around to doing any of it (story of my life).

There is also the problem of if you start too early, by the time the big day comes around you can’t be bothered because you’ve ‘doing’ Christmas for months already and are just burnt out. Working in retail, I’ve found this many times.

For the time being, until the festive spirit (or just some inspiration) hits me, I’ve started relisting some of last year’s Christmas cards, to test how early people really do start to think about Christmas. So far the cards made with my favourite Christmas range – DoCrafts 12 Days of Christmas – are the only ones up there.

Baubles Christmas Joy New YearWhat do you think? When is the perfect time to start Christmas crafting? Or have you already started?

Em x

P.S. to check out these listings in my shop Etsy shop, click here!

2 thoughts on “When to start Christmas crafting?

    1. Haha yes! Makes me feel lots better thank you! I have actually had someone hit my shop through a Christmas related search, so there are other people doing it too!

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