Quick Review: Wink of Stella Glitter Pen

I’m partial to a bit of glitter but it has two big drawbacks. 1) It’s very messy. 2) If done badly, it can look cheap and tacky.

Whilst reading my regular blogs I came across a mention of the Wink of Stella glitter pens over on My Purpley Life – she’d used them on one of her cards and I loved how subtle the effect was. After doing a little research I found they were essentially normal felt tip pens available in a range of colours but with the added bonus of glitter inside too. Without haste I grabbed a clear one from Amazon!

IMG_2526I started using it right away to customise one of my cards for a customer with a ’60’ – the card had a glitter sentiment and paper already and so adding a glittery 60 would be perfect.

I cut out the numbers first and then started basically coloured them in. The first thing I noticed is that the pen takes a while to get going and push out enough glitter to be noticable. As it’s a felt pen you’re also running the risk that the more you go over your card/paper the more likely you are to irritate the surface of the card and leave it a little ripped looking. Once it got going it worked pretty well though. Obviously using clear I was never going to get the results that you see in reviews of the coloured versions of these pens (you can write with them like normal pens and the effect is lovely!)

After going over the numbers a couple of times I attached them to the card using cut down sticky dots and here’s the finished product:

IMG_2527 Not too in your face, and I didn’t make a whole load of mess in the process! Success!

If I get more into glitter I’d be tempted the get the whole set of these pens (about £13 on Amazon at the moment) but for the time being this clear one is so versatile that I can pretty much use it for anything.

Have you tried these pens? What do you think?

Em x

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