Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Review

Given the fuss surrounding the new Benefit They’re Real! liner I wondered if finally there was an eyeliner I could get on well with!

I’d tried many over the years – pencils; too difficult to use. Liquid; too messy and not good for unsteady hands like mine. Felt tips; good but they tend to dry up and you don’t get much depth of colour. Gel in a pot: faffy and not that long lasting.

The buzz was good. The reviews were good. And then I looked at the price. Nearly £20. Not a huge surprise given it was Benefit but still, expensive for someone who doesn’t have huge success with eyeliner. Then I heard there was a Maybelline one that worked in exactly the same way and had to seek it out. At half the price of the Benefit one it was definitely worth a purchase. My rationale was if I could get along with the Maybelline one then the Benefit one might be worth a purchase later down the line.

IMG_2546First impressions? Pretty good. It applied well. It says one click and you’re good to go but I probably used three clicks in total between both my eyes as I found that I sometimes had to go over the line more than once to get a good depth of colour. The Benefit one claims to be lash hugging and while this one doesn’t make such a claim the applicator is exactly the same so you’d think it would have the same effect. Unfortunately it wasn’t really any different from a felt tip eyeliner application-wise and my line ended up a lot thicker than I intended due to my wobbly hand.


I decided to wear this for a dinner date to test it’s longevity. Within a couple of hours this had fallen into the inner corners of my eyes leaving me looking a little strange and by the end of the night 5 hours later there was definitely a panda eye effect going on. And this was with eyelid primer on underneath. I’d read this was an issue with the Benefit liner, especially for those with oily eyelids (like me) and it looks like it’s the same with this version.

Removal was a nightmare. Even with the strongest eye make up remover I have I was still finding it appearing late the next day. Benefit do sell a remover to go with their eyeliner, which may do a better job but at £14.50 this eyeliner thing is sounding quite an expensive endeavor.

Overall impressions?

Not great if I’m honest. The ease of application wasn’t any different to a felt tip liner but the depth of colour was great in comparison. The biggest issue though was it’s lack of longevity though. No way could I get away with this for longer than a couple of hours which is such a shame. Maybe a little powder over the top might help but frankly that’s a faff and would probably dull the colour somewhat. This will probably get put in a drawer and the Benefit one won’t be getting purchased sadly. Maybe I’m just one of those people that can’t have eyeliner??

Have you tried either the Benefit or the Maybelline version?

Em x

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