Experimenting with creating gift tags

I decided to do something a little different this week and experiment with making gift tags.

At lot of the ones I find in shops are pretty boring and I liked the idea of doing some more unique ones and some that match my cards. I also wanted an excuse to play with those cute little stamps I bought from Beligum the other month.

First I made and cut out some simple tag designs using my Silhouette and just had a play around stamping on them in different ways.

IMG_2688First I coloured in the present stamps with my Promarkers.

IMG_2690They looked pretty cute except for one problem.

IMG_2694Big downside with the Promarkers there. So I had to back the tag with another blank tag so it didn’t look scruffy.

To try and get round the bleeding issue I used pencils on the cats and I’m not sure on the end result. Do they look cute? Or do they look scruffy?

IMG_2718The ink was also not dry when I started colouring in the cats – hence the bits of stray blank ink on the tag… oops.

So with colouring not foolproof I just left a couple stamped without colouring in (loving the Papermania gold ink on the goldfish) and wrapped washi around another two.

IMG_2720I like these, but can’t help but think they look a little too plain and boring.

For my next idea, I decided to make some to match my cards. Again I used the same tag and placed shapes used in my cards in them using the Silhouette software and cut them out in different coloured card.

IMG_2722These are definitely my favourites. Even Ed liked them. I’m tempted to make some more of these and pop them in the shop. The question is, do I sell them in singles, multipacks or in special packs with the card they match? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I’m not done with tags, I’ve got one other idea I want to try out, part two of the tag journey will come soon!

Do you make your own gift tags?

Em x

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