Playing with Papermania Oriental Treasures Collection

I bought a goodybag of most of this range a few months ago and hadn’t really got around to using it.

We’d been invited to my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary celebration and although the invitation asked for a RSVP, it didn’t provide one so I thought I’d use it as an excuse to get this set out to make a thank you for inviting us/yes we’ll come card.

There’s so much to this set to choose from – paper packs, stamps, velum sheets and decopage plus much more that I didn’t really know where to start!

I decided to go through the A5 paper pack and pick out of a couple of papers that looked cute.

IMG_2734The papers are of a really nice quality and the ones with the gold foil are very pretty. I thought red and gold would be a good colour scheme to go for and took out some blank toppers to stamp on to.

IMG_2732As you can see, it took a few attempts. The stamp wasn’t of amazing quality and the gold Papermania ink just loved to get everywhere! In the end I picked the best one and added some red gems where there was a little smudge from the stamp. Thankfully it turned out okay.

Then I got a little stuck. Mainly because the decopage is huge! My card blanks are just over 5 inches which I think is a decent size but all the decopage in this range is massive. This is an example of one where I didn’t even use the first layer:

IMG_2736Each square on the cutting mat is 1cm so as you can see, had I used this it just would have taken over the whole card. Most of the other designs were actually bigger than my card.

I also had an issue with the adhesive letters from the pack.

oriental letters

Again I find them pretty huge but I also don’t like the gold letters – I don’t find they match the gold in the papers all that well at all.

I settled on using some of the pretty velum sheets which I cut squares out of and then backed with red paper from the pack. To finish I then cut out a gold glitter ’60’ – there’s no numbers in the letter pack for some reason.

IMG_2739Everytime I look at this card I have a different opinion. I think I like it.

Overall, I think this range is definitely best suited to just using elements from, rather than attempting to build a whole card around it.

Have you used this range? What did you think?

Em x

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