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DoCrafts Hanging Red Bird Decoration – easy to make?

I’m a subscriber to DoCrafts Creativity magazine and since they changed the format to monthly, they’ve really upped their game with the cover gifts each issue – at least two, sometimes three.

I love a good freebie. Along with some Botanicals decoupage this month (which I will be making a card with at some point), there was also a make your own hanging red bird decoration kit. I’ve been itching to get into some other crafts for a while (crochet is the new hobby I’ve been talking about but we’re not getting along well at all) and have even bought pretty fabric… but not done anything with it yet. Anyway, seeing this little kit I thought it would be a cute little project to get stuck into one afternoon as a bit of an intro into needlecrafts.

So, onto the kit and this is what you get:

IMG_2787That’s it. Seems simple! The first issue was that the instructions you can see are literally all you get. It’s like Ikea instructions for needlecraft. I started anyway, thinking it would be pretty easy as it’s only a wee bird.

Firstly you attach the purple fabric onto one red felt piece using the white cotton. The white cotton was a bit too thick for my needle and instead of pulling it apart, I just dug out some other white cotton and doubled it up to make it look nice and thick – you can’t really tell from the picture but all the stitching on this is intended to be quite prominent. Next I put the two red felt pieces together and wedged the yellow bit for the nose in. This is where it got a little trickier as I had no idea how to do the stitching around the nose or how to hide the tying up of loose ends so that they’re hidden in the bird. I guess that’s where this kit falls down for complete beginners? Anyway, I managed to semi figure it out, put it all together and put the stuffing inside. Nowhere though in the instructions does it make clear how to do the hanging part of the bird and in the picture on the pack it looks like a kind of thread that isn’t even included in the pack. Very strange. So I just glued the black eye bead on the bird, and left it as it was.

IMG_2788Doesn’t look too bad really. You can’t quite see but at the top in the middle the felt is bunched together so there’s a little gap where you can see the stuffing inside and the stitching on the back of the bird is pretty messy but it doesn’t look too different to the picture:

IMG_2790Final thoughts on this are that it’s a cute little project to do in a spare half hour but probably not something for a total beginner (unless I was just being completely stupid). I couldn’t find any details of how much it is and where you can buy it so I can’t even pass comment on it’s value for money other than, not bad for a free gift and something a little bit different from the usual paper pack/stamp combos you get in a lot of craft magazines.

Have you bought this month’s DoCrafts Creativity? And will you be trying the bird decoration?

Em x

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