Simple card using fabric tape

I’ve been adding more fabric tape to the shop recently as I love it as something different to make cards with. 

I don’t see it used that often in cards though; it just seems to be washi used everywhere. With this in mind I thought I’d put together a simple cute card using fabric tape to show at least one way it can be used.

card tape

This is what I’d be using to make the card. I decided in a simple design – to mount a strip of the tape onto a strip of card and add some die cut butterflies in complementary colours to it. It was vaguely based on a design I’d seen on Pinterest but that had a single heart instead.

IMG_2886The camera has done strange things to the colours here but they are two greens – a darker green on the strip behind the tape and a lighter green for the butterfly. I then tried to match the tape colour for the smaller butterfly. To find the colours I used a colour palette designer but I know they’re not to everyone’s taste.

Placed directly onto a cream card blank this looked too plain so I used the same pink from the butterfly as a border. To finish, I then used a Pebbles sticker accent from a set I hadn’t gotten around to using yet.

IMG_2890You can get a better idea of the colours in this picture.

I really like this card. It’s a simple any occasion card and demonstrates just one of the ways you can use fabric tape. I prefer to use fabric tape in strips like this as for me it’s a nice way of getting a different pattern on your card. Due to the nature of it, fabric tape isn’t as versatile as washi, mainly due to the fact it frays but it does produce some nice effects and has the bonus of being opaque – the transparency of washi can sometimes get in the way of  a design.

Do you use fabric tape? What other ways does it work for you?

Em x

P.S. If you like this card, it’s in the shop now!

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