My Mind’s Eye Necessities Review

Since my little One Stop Craft Shop haul earlier in the summer I’ve loved My Mind’s Eye.

The store told me they had some new lines coming later in the summer – the Necessities range – and after checking it out on the MME website I knew I had to have it.

Before the range was released I applied to become a blogger for One Stop Craft Shop and was accepted! It means I’ll get to try out some new ranges here on the blog and make some (hopefully) cute cards with them. I’ll be getting some freebies, but I’ll always say what I got for free and ensure my reviews of the products are 100% honest.

Knowing how much I was looking forward to the the Necessities range that was what they gave me first which I’m pretty pleased about!

I’d probably liken the range to Papermania’s Capsule Collections in that it’s basically the same range in various different colourways – black & grey, blues, metallics, reds and teals. The two I liked the most were the metallics and teals.

Given the time of the year and the fact I seem to have lots of anniversaries and weddings coming up I got given some of the metallics range to play with – yay!

It’s honestly even more beautiful in person.

I also got some Dovecraft stamps that matched the theme I was going for. (Available here, here and here.)


This range is a mix of golds, silvers and bronze items so there’s real flexibility to create lots of different cards.

Word and letter sheets
Word and letter sheets

These sheets are similar to the other MME ones and come with a range of letters and words so can be used for cards or scrapbooking. They’re £5.75 which I find pretty reasonable considering you get eight sheets in total.

6x6 paper pad and washi tape set
6×6 paper pad and washi tape set

Again these items are in the same three colours. The paper pack is double sided and as well as patterns, there’s also plain colour sheets which is a massive bonus. The amount of times I’ve been making a card with a patterned paper pack and struggled to find matching plain paper to do borders or backgrounds with is ridiculous. I guess MME have acknowledged here that the colours in the set aren’t often used colours and so you won’t necessarily have papers lying around that will go with them. For £5.75 it’s at the higher end of paper pack prices and more expensive than a Capsule Collection one but I just find the quality of MME papers far higher than Papermania so I’m happy to pay their prices.

The washi tape is amazing! My favourites are the spotty gold and glitter gold ones. They’re £7.65 for four and again they’re at the top end price wise and I guess I can’t comment on the quality until I’ve used them. However, the first thing I’ve noticed is they’re not like regular washi – they’re backed like double sided tape so I’m anticiapting they’ll be a lot easier to use if I’m cutting it down to make bunting and things with.

Foiled vellum paper

These are probably my favourites out of everything. Unlike the paper pad which is matt, these are foiled and shiny and will create some lovely textures. They’re £1.91 each and only available in the golds above so for anyone particularly loving the bronze and silver you’ll be disappointed. I’ve got some ideas for these sheets and I’m pretty excited to start playing with them.

There’s a few more bits to the range – brads, metal dots, shapes and some large die cut letters and out of those the dots may be the only things I’d be inclined to buy.

I’m pretty happy with this range and eager to start using it. The only issue I can foresee with Necessities is if you don’t like one of the colours – I’m not a fan of the bronze for example – there’s a few bits you simply won’t use but this would only be an issue for the metallics or black & grey ranges I think. The others are all just different shades of the same colour and white.  I think I’ll definitely pick up some of the teal range next. In the meantime, check back next week for what I make with the above!

What do you think of the Necessities range? Will you be buying?

Em x

P.S. These items were given to me for free, but the views are 100% my own. 🙂

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