More cards with MME Necessities

I needed to a couple of quick cards today so I thought I’d pick up the MME Necessities again to see if the metallics suit other styles of card than the ones I’ve already done.

I needed to make a thank you card for my grandparents and had the idea of using the vellum for butterflies to create a pretty effect. They would be a bit lost on their own so I backed them with some plain gold paper from the paper pack. The only issue I had with these was the where to put the glue dots so you couldn’t see them.

IMG_3039It was a bit of luck really as to whether the butterflies were cut out in a place where I could hide the glue dot in the middle so I made around 8 butterflies when I only needed 3 just so I had enough.

I wanted to use the lovely glitter tape again so had the idea of just popping a strip across the bottom of the background paper.

IMG_3040I then ran into a problem. I’d cut my background paper out the wrong size and that was the last sheet! D’oh! So I redid it using a different paper. To finish off the card I just added a thank you sentiment with some gold Sew Easy string I found in my stash.

IMG_3046I quite like this. There may be a bit too much gold and I’m not 100% on mixing the two patterns but I feared if I used the polka dot vellum it might not stand out enough. Also, you can actually see the pattern on the back of the paper (gold and white triangles) which is slightly annoying. What do you think? Too much?

I also needed to make a birthday card for a friend and again wanted the washi tape and vellum combo so went for a washi present with a vellum bow.

MME presentI really like this idea. It’s simple and cute. The mix of washis from the set work perfectly together and with a simple sentiment it’s finished off nicely. The present is a little off-centre which bugs me though.

I’m still loving this range; it’s really versatile. I’ve bought the Roald Dahl range that I’m dying to experiment with so I think this might be it for the Necessities range for a while. If you like the range and want to check it out, it’s available here!

What do you think of today’s cards?

Em x

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