More Livework goodies

After the purchase of my new Livework planner I knew I needed more goodies by them. 

First I went and got the pen I wish I’d bought from the Magic Notebook when I bought my planner.

IMG_3193It’s a thin black ballpoint and it was bought for no other reason that a) it’s pretty and b) what it’s called…

IMG_3195They’re all called cool obscure names like this, mayonnaise, or apple green. Thankfully, it does write very nicely and it’ll go really well with the new planner when I get around to using it.

Next I found some cute notebooks in the same style as the planner that I bought a few weeks ago.

green notebook smallyellow notebook smallThese are roughly A5 size and come with 32 pages of ruled paper and I love them. The inside is just as cute as the outside.

lined paperI’ve kept one of these for myself (so far) and put the rest in the shop!

This is clearly just the start of my addiction to Korean stationery and I’ll be adding to it very soon – I’ve found an awesome website called fallindesign that is just filled with stuff I want!

What do you think of Korean stationery? Are you a fan?

Em x

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