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100 follows and Etsy shop likes!

I noticed this past week that I’d hit a couple of cool (for me) milestones at the same time.

Firstly, my blog got to 100 follows on WordPress! Not a huge feat I know, but for someone that pretty much blogs just to make sure I don’t spend all my evenings on Reddit, this is pretty cool.

Woop woop!
Woop woop!

So thank you to all of you who follow me here, or on Bloglovin’ or just check out my blog from time to time. The fact that people do actually read what I write is pretty damn awesome. ❤

Secondly, about a day later I noticed that I’d surpassed 100 admirers on Etsy! This is basically people who have ‘liked’ your shop and thus get updates when you upload new items etc. I’ve only been doing this seriously for a couple of months and so to get to that amount of likes and to not be far off 100 sales is pretty exciting!

Only 13 sales to go to 100!
Only 13 sales to go to 100!

So while I’m aware these are pretty minor achievements I just wanted to do a little celebratory post to thank you all for reading or shopping with me. I’m now thinking of a giveaway I could do for the next milestone I reach!

Thanks for reading!

Em x


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