Making my own dividers for my Filofax

So now I have my first proper Filofax I need to get it set up to use.

Obviously I didn’t want to use the dividers that came with my Original as they’re pretty awful. I also don’t need that many dividers – I reckon I only need three or four.

I browsed Etsy for a while but didn’t really see any I liked or that I thought would suit my Original. I soon realised I’d have to make my own. I dug out my many paper packs and cardstock and found my amazing Happy Days paper pack which at 200gsm is thicker than normal paper packs and thus perfect for dividers. The paper designs are also very pretty.

I then needed to make a divider cut file with my Silhouette. I decided to do it the difficult way and use a ruler and some practice runs to get the holes in the correct place (I didn’t have a hole punch at that point). I finally got the design just right after about 5/6 attempts.

silhouette dividerI prefer side tabs over top at the moment and this tab design is perfect. After I got the holes correct the next biggest issue was cleanly and evenly moving the tab down the right hand side to complete the divider set.

I then got to cutting out my favourite papers and set them up in my Filo.

IMG_3233This flower design is beautiful!

IMG_3234These cherries are also super cute.

IMG_3235The rainbow design completes the set!

As you can see on the tabs, the papers are all doublesided so if I ever get bored of them I can just turn them around.

I then made a few more sets to put in the Etsy shop:

dividers set 1(2) dividers set 2(2)I also amended the design so it could fit four tabs just in case I feel I need more than three and dug out the DoCrafts Oriental Treasures collection to make a set of four dividers with a matching vellum dashboard.

divider set 4(2)This set is also in the shop at the moment.

I’m really happy with how these turned out and will be keeping my eye out for some more papers I could use for future sets. I’ll also keep playing with the design… maybe next I’ll do 12 monthly tabs. But first, I need to find some inserts I actually like.

What do you think? Have you made your own dividers?

Em x

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