Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Scalp Serum Review Part One

I’ve been getting freebies at work again!

This time it was this Trevor Sorbie serum that intrigued me greatly.

trevor sorbieThis serum is designed to stimulate hair growth and minimise hairloss. As I’m forever in pursuit of longer hair I was dying to give this a go.

The first thing I noticed was that the instructions on the box and the bottle were vague. On neither does it tell you how often to apply the serum; just that you need to apply it onto dry hair/scalp. With no assistance found on their website, I lumped for using it every evening before bed (but I know other serums require twice a day application).

This product smells amazing! I’m tempted to buy the shampoo and conditioner that matches just on the off chance that it smells as good as this.

Following the instructions and applying the serum directly to the scalp and then massaging in was a bit of a faff so I opted to just put it on my hands and then work it into the scalp.

I’ve just started using this and so will report back after a couple of weeks of use. Fingers crossed it works!

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Em x

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