Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit Review

I’ve been eager to try some contouring for a while now but not been brave enough to take the plunge and buy some new products.

There’s that many different tutorials out there that I didn’t really know where to start but then I noticed a new product from Boots Seventeen: a contour kit.


At £5.99 it’s not a bad price and as it’s available in two varieties – fair and medium – it was a simple solution to my contour confusion.

As I knew I didn’t have any spare brushes lying around I decided to pick up a Seventeen brush set from the Christmas 3 for 2 section (they looked of a much better quality than the regular Seventeen ones).

17 brushes

These brushes feel really nice and there was no initial shedding, which I sometimes find you get with cheaper brushes.

Onto the contouring. These are the powders in the ‘fair’ set…


The kit came with a handy little ‘how to’ which was a nice touch and for my first try with the palette I decided to follow their instructions. First I started with the dark colour with my new ‘cheeks’ brush. The first thing I noticed was how soft and loose the powder was; I found myself shaking off the brush a bit so I could build up the colour (I was fearful of just having really dark smudges on my face). I applied the most amount of the dark colour to the hollows of my cheeks and then small amounts to the my forehead and either side of my chin. Next on the instructions was to use a small brush for either side of my nose, so I picked up the curved ‘eyes’ brush and applied. It probably showed up the most here out of everywhere on my face. Next I picked up my usual face brush to apply the lighter colour as instructed on the diagram and then blended it altogether. The dark lines on my nose didn’t want to blend at all so it took quite a bit of work but everywhere else it seemed okay. I then just finished my make up routine as normal.

Overall there wasn’t a huge amount of contouring going on but my makeup finish was definitely better than normal. It’s something I’ll keep on practicing with and I guess the more confident I get, the more likely I’ll be to get a full contour out of the kit. The blending skills will also need some more work in future. As something to try contouring for the first time I really liked it and will absolutely be using it more to practice with. I was really happy with the brush set as well and if you need a cheap selection of brushes, it’s a nice little set.

What do you think? Have you tried this kit?

Em x

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