Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation Review

When we opened the shop on Friday morning there was a queue and people actually ran to get inside. Outside of Boxing Day sales I’d not really seen this at work before. I was perplexed.

It turns out they weren’t running to get the Sensationail Star Gift that started on Friday but to my Smashbox counter. On Friday they were giving away free full size foundations up and down the country to the first 20 people to reach their counters and provide a print out or screenshot of the Smashbox event page.

I’ve been using Smashbox for years thanks to QVC but never tried their foundation before so picked up Studio Skin in the palest shade they had (the joy of being very pale is that you rarely have to get colour matched, you’re just instantly the palest shade in every brand) and gave it a whirl.


This is a buildable medium to full coverage foundation which claims to last 15 hours and as with all their cosmetics, can withstand even being under studio conditions all day. It’s also oil free which as someone who needs full coverage due to acne, this was a massive draw for me.

This was a lot thicker than I was anticipating and it a took a little bit more work than my usual foundations to apply. I’ve seen some complaints about lack of blend-ability but really I didn’t have any issues using it with my stippling brush – my arm just ached a little bit after I’d finished. Due to the thickness of it I did use about 5 pumps in total to cover my face and neck but huge amounts didn’t come out in each pump. It did feel really nice on the skin and the coverage was so good I didn’t use any concealer other than around my eyes.

At the end of the work day I checked how it looked and I have to say it looked near perfect. No caking, no oiliness, nothing. Very impressed.

At £28 it’s only £1 more than my usual Clarins Everlasting Foundation but it has better coverage and a lot less end of the day oiliness. This is definitely a firm favourite of mine now but as I’ve just repurchased the Clarins foundation (d’oh) I won’t be needing anymore foundation for a while but I’ve got a funny feeling when I do, it’ll be the Smashbox I buy.

Have you tried this? Or any of their other foundations? What did you think?

Em x


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