Quick Review: Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment

I was running out of my trusty Beauty Protector heat protector spray and decided to try something new. 

I’ve loved Ojon products for years but had never tried any of their sprays. They had a couple to choose from but the one I settled on was the Rare Blend Protecting Treatment as it had the two main things I wanted: detangling and heat protection. My hair is getting drier all the time (it really needs a cut) so I need a detangler and don’t want to use a product separate from my heat treatment as that’s too much faff. Whether I’d get a better result if I used a separate product I’m not sure, and if I don’t like this product too much maybe when it runs out next time I’ll buy two products instead of one.


It’s much the same as any other of these kind of sprays, except you have to shake it first. I use it straight after I take my hair out of the towel and then use my Tangle Teezer to make it less bush like. My initial thoughts were that it was a really nice product in that it removed some (but not all, sadly) of my knots and made my hair feel lovely and soft after styling… something I’d been lacking recently. However, after only a week of use I’ve made a cm dent into the amount in the bottle which worries me. My Beauty Protector spray lasted around 3 months, if not longer, and is quite a bit cheaper than the Ojon (£14 compared to £24 for the Ojon) and this will definitely not last that long.

I think it order to justify a repurchase this would have to get rid of most of my knots and sadly it doesn’t. If knotty isn’t a huge concern for you though and the price tag doesn’t put you off, I’d certainly recommend it as it does definitely leave my tired, dry mop feeling much nicer.

Have you tried this?

Em x

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