Another Nordic Christmas Card!

I worked all weekend so didn’t get much crafting done but I did manage to put one together.

I was running out of ideas so I decided to have a quick look on Pinterest. It seems nearly all the nice cards on Pinterest are from Stampin’ Up people. It makes me want to get into their stuff but I’ve tried before and didn’t have much joy getting in contact with demonstrators (I don’t think they keep the demonstrator lists up to date on their website). Plus their products are quite expensive.

Anyway, I found a few cute cards and decided to give one a whirl but put my own spin on it.


So in the idea on Pinterest it had another border around the red and the border around the white was smaller, but I loved this paper and wanted to show it off a bit more. The stamp is obviously different and the cute wooden deers I added at the very end after deciding there was too much white going on. I don’t like my cards looking too sparse and so have to usually fill up any blank areas (which is probably why Ed thinks I over embellish). I love the addition of the deer though, I think it really finishes the card nicely.

Out of all the cards I’ve made so far, this is definitely one I’ll be recreating when I finally get around to making my own (and not other people’s).

What do you think? Which is your favourite card so far?

Em x

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