It’s a little early to talk about how I did with my New Years Resolutions but…

I have news!

Back in January when I talked about my New Years Resolutions I talked about preparing for the other half to finish his PhD and the new career opportunities that might bring for me (as we may end up moving). After getting an unexpected promotion back in February I was afforded a great development opportunity and after some success there I decided it might be time to look for another job. I had made up my mind I didn’t want to stay with that company over the summer and realised that if I was to move to another part of the country with Ed next year I’d want to do it within companies, rather than trying to find a whole new job in a completely different geographical location.

So that is what I’ve done. As of Friday I left my old job and today started a new job with a completely different retailer! It’ll be a bit strange for me as I’m going from being the store manager to the deputy manager of a larger unit. I’m excited about the potentially quicker progression opportunities it affords me and not having to deal with having a pharmacy anymore!

My team gave me a lovely send off (including a Hobbycraft gift voucher… they know me so well!) and I’ll miss them all but I’m so excited for a fresh challenge!

Normal blogging service will resume on Wednesday but I just wanted to share my news with you all!

Have a great week!

Em x

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