Quick review/moan: Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch

I’m owning up straight away today; this review is more of a moan than a review. Rarely do I buy something and am utterly disappointed but that’s exactly what happened when I bought a hole punch for my Filofax.

The first thing that struck me when shopping for hole punches were how damn expensive they are! I knew I wouldn’t be printing out loads of my own inserts or anything so I didn’t want to spend huge amounts but I still ending up parting with around £11 for this hole punch.


Okay so the positive was the fact that it’s adjustable and so if I change planner size in the future I don’t necessarily have to change hole punch. I wish it had come with guides along the bottom though so you could line your pages up perfectly. Instead, you just have to try and line your page up in the middle by eye which 9/10 times works fine.

So far, you get what you pay for. Until you come to use it to punch holes. I was using it primarily for the thin card I used for my monthly inserts and despite the punch proclaiming it could do up to 0.8mm of pages I was playing it safe and just punching one hole at a time. It was by far the most unclean of cuts I’d seen in a long time. Even when my Silhouette blade is blunt the cut isn’t that bad. Even on one sheet of paper the cut is still poor…

IMG_3667[1]Looking at the reviews of this on Amazon, this isn’t the experience of everyone (and in fact most of the negative reviews are about the fact it actually doesn’t fit an A5) but sadly it’s enough to put me off trying another one.

What hole punch do you use? Would you recommend it?

Em x


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