Review: Sensationail Gel Strengthener and Juicy Sangria Colour

Before I left my old job I obviously did some stocking up and picked up a few new Sensationail items.

I was intrigued by the gel strengthener and whether it would actually help my nails or not.

Apologies for the potato quality..
Apologies for the potato quality..

To use this you just apply one coat straight onto the nail and cure it under the lamp for the full 60 seconds and that’s it. No need for gel primer or anything. It does say on the website you can use this as a base for colour instead of the clear gel but the box doesn’t provide any instructions on how to do that i.e. whether or not you still don’t use gel primer. It applied easy enough and left my nails looking nice and shiny – great for inbetween colour applications. Unfortunately it did chip after only about four days so I found myself taking it off and applying a colour so my nails didn’t break. I’d be weary of using this as a base due to how little time it lasted but to be used when I can’t be bothered doing a full manicure it’s not too bad as I’ve found if I remove a gel colour and then just leave my nails naked they do have a tendency to break.

I also picked up a couple of colours as it was on 3 for 2 but have only used one so far; Juicy Sangria.

Another poor picture..


I got this as I’m running out of the red my set came with and liked the look of the colour as in normal light the box made it look quite a nice deep red. However, how the colour came out on my nails was much closer to the red in the picture above which to be honest doesn’t look much different from the other red in the range, Scarlet Red. This is a bit of a shame as normally the colour on the box is a good representation of how it comes out on the nail.

Do you have the Sensationail? What’s your favourite colour for it?

Em x

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