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Kerbal Space Programme Christmas Card

I took a couple of days off blogging over the festive period (I hope you had an awesome time!) and today I’m back with my favourite Christmas card this year…

Last  year I made my other half, Ed, a Fallout inspired Christmas card. This year I wanted to make him another game related card for his current favourite game: Kerbal Space Programme.

If you’re not aware of the game, you build spaceships and send cute little Kerbals into space with the ultimate goal being of landing on the moon (spelt Mun in Kerbal world). The main Kerbal is called Jebediah and he’s super cute so I knew I wanted him on the card. I got a picture of him from Google and tried to get Silhouette to trace him out so I could print and cut. Sadly, because of the nature of the design it wouldn’t trace quite properly. I therefore had to hand cut him out which isn’t my strong point.

I wanted him to basically be planting a flag on the moon so I printed out a moon texture from the game as my background paper. I then used one of the wood sticks from the Me to You flag kit I received a few weeks ago and made my own flag using some Capsule Spots and Stripes Festive paper and My Minds Eye alphas.

IMG_3772I love how this turned out! Instead of finishing the card off at the back with my usual Lethbridge Cards sticker I decided to stick with the theme…


I love making game themed cards for Ed… I wonder what next year’s favourite game will be?

Do you make game/movie/tv based cards?

Em x

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