Which card blanks to use?

I had a bit of a nightmare earlier this week. Halfway through creating a card I realised I’d run out of white card blanks. 

Thankfully, it was only 4pm so I could run a brush through my hair and nip to the shops to pick some up. I’m lucky in that I have quite a few craft shops on my doorstep in case of emergency.

First stop was Hobbycraft as I had my gift voucher from work (and One Stop Craft Shop was closed). The cards I use are 5.3×5.3 and I’ve gotten used to this size. I find 5×5 too small and 6×6 too large. Annoyingly, Hobbycraft don’t actually stock that size in white. I was debating buying 5×5 or 6×6 but their own brand smooth card blanks were only 250gsm – their 300gsm card blanks were hammered and for card making I prefer a smooth surface. The only other card blanks they had were by Craft UK and as well as a limited range they were only 225gsm. I’ve bought Craft UK card blanks before and they’re nice cards except for the lack of gsm – they feel really quite flimsy and when you’re trying to sell cards it’s not great. The strangest thing in Hobbycraft was there were very little card blanks from other brands – a few from Anitas and that’s about it. I’m sure I remember they used to do quite a full range – Papermania, Anita’s and Craft Creations – although I guess they make more profit with their own ranges. I wouldn’t particularly mind them squeezing out other brands if their choice matched my needs.

I therefore mooched over to The Range, which isn’t too far away. There I was happy to find both Papermania and Anita’s card blanks – both of which I’ve bought before. In general they had a much better choice – from large 50 packs down to 5/10 packs for specific projects. They also had the size I wanted both in the Papermania and Anita’s range. I then had a bit of a predicament. The Papermania pack was £7.99 for 50 and came in 300gsm. The Anita’s pack was £4.99 for 50 but was only 240gsm. The choice should have been easy – Papermania for it’s higher gsm – but when I looked closer at the cards I noticed that the quality of the Anita’s cards were seemingly better. The cuts were perfect on the Anita’s cards but on the Papermania set were very messy – I could tell I’d need to sand every single card I used. Even down to the quality of the packaging – the Anita’s pack looked better. I couldn’t understand the differences in finished quality – particularly considering they’re both brands owned by DoCrafts!

In the end I knew the gsm had to win and picked up the best looking pack of Papermania cards….

IMG_3780This really got me thinking about card blanks and how important a decision it is to the quality of your cards. I know when I’ve accidentally bought lower quality cards in the past I’ve felt it’s put a downer on my cards. I’d love to know what card blanks you use for your cards and any brands that you know from trial and error to avoid.

What are you favourite card blanks to use?

Em x


One thought on “Which card blanks to use?

  1. I understand the search for the perfect card blanks. As a cardmaker, you find that there is one size and shape that works for you. Quality is critical. I’m glad your search was successful. Happy New Year! – Catherine

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