Benefit Fun Size Flirts Review

I never got around to sharing with you all the goodies that I bought while I still worked at Boots.

Only over Christmas did I really get a chance to play with the Benefit Fun Size Flirts set and while I’d had a few of the included items before, it was an opportunity to try a couple of new things, without having to stump up the cash for the full size (which for some of the items, is not far off the same price as the gift set itself).


Because I bought it during an event evening I also got this cool bag too.


It’s a nice big size but sadly the white isn’t the most practical colour…

Anyway, onto the items:

Instant Comeback Facial Serum

As reviewed on the blog before – a really nice serum and one I can see myself buying in future. In fact, I’m tempted to try their whole skincare collection.

POREfessional primer

My staple primer and very handy to have in a travel size. If you haven’t tried this primer yet… why not?

‘That Gal’ Primer

Another nice primer, but didn’t really give me the brightening effect it promised.

They’re Real Mascara

I love this mascara, it’s makes my lashes look amazing. However, the smudging by the end of the day is enough to put me off buying it.

Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Another nice mascara, but I found even more of a smudging issue.

Ooh La Lift

This is a product to brighten your under eyes and it was one of the products I bought this set for. I have to say I do really see a difference when I use it. It little goes a long way so I can see the £17.50 full size being worth the money.

Dandelion Face Powder

Another item I bought the set for this powder has a pinky tone to it and is a nice change from my Bourjois rice powder. I feel more ‘made up’ when I’m wearing this powder and will be primarily used either as a quick fix on low make up days or to finish off an evening out look.

Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer

Great on my under eyes and I have bought this before. It’s another item where a little goes a long way and from previous experience is definitely worth the £20.50 for a full size but I don’t recommend using it for keeping eyeshadow in place – it doesn’t come close to Urban Decay’s Eye Potion.


I didn’t try this on my cheeks as liquid tints break me out but a small amount on my lips felt nice and didn’t look too bad, despite the very pink colour. It also seemed to avoid the issue I have with some lip stains where they sink into the cracks in your lips and make you look like you’ve been drinking copious amounts of red wine.


I’m still mourning the loss of my favourite Benefit highlighter, Moonbean but this is a nice alternative. I like the bronze colour it has to it as it’s more noticeable than regular, pale/pinky highlighters.

Benefit always seem to do gift sets really well. I know after trying some of these new items I’ll be adding full sizes to my make up bag soon. If only more brands could do these kind of sets.

Have you tried any of these items? What did you think?

Em x

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