My 2015 planner set up

Now we’ve had a week of the new year go by I’m ready to share my set up for this year.

I ended up with two planners again this year as I bought a beautiful Livework Piyo Diary back in September and then found a Patent Fuchsia Original on sale a few weeks later and couldn’t say no!

How I’ve decided to use these together is by using the Original for work and the Piyo Diary for home as the Filofax is a bit more appropriate for the work environment plus it has more capacity for notes when I’m in meetings etc. You’ve already seen the basic set up of this diary in a previous post but here’s how I’ll be using it day to day…


I’m still finding my way in terms of decorating the Filo in a way that looks cute but leaves me enough room to write the mountains of todo lists and work notes in. I’ve started off simply but will no doubt start adding more bits to it as I find my way. There’s a massive adjustment I’m having to go through in terms of space – I’m not used to having so little room to write everything in and some of my days have ended up looking quite scruffy because of it. Therefore I may not necessarily share my weekly pages that often. I however love having the space in the top left to write general things for the week as there’s things that don’t necessarily fit into certain days. I’m thinking of also using this as a way of handling my finances this year with a view to saving more money but I haven’t quite worked that out yet.

The Piyo diary is already quite decorated so there’s little that I’ve needed to do to it to make it look cute.


The My Mind’s Eye Sleigh Bells Ring words and alphas were a perfect fit for my year and Jan monthly planner. I used the numbered index sticker that came with the diary (top right) but didn’t stick it so that it stuck out as I knew over the year it would just get tatty.


The transparent circle deco stickers that I bought from The Magic Notebook at the same time as the diary are perfect for use in here and I will be buying more soon. This diary has the same set up as the Filo in terms of a weekly box so I can put general things in there (which I’ve kind of been using as a ‘weekly goals’ section) and the pages are plenty big enough for me to write everything I need to whilst keeping it neat and pretty. When I’m sharing weekly pages it’ll likely be from in here each week.

You can’t add in dividers like in the Filo so I needed some way of marking which week I was on and found the perfect solution in one of my Oh Deer Me kit items…


I’ll still be putting in work shifts and the such into this diary, but generally only ‘home’ things will be filling up the pages including things like gym visits and anything to do with the Etsy shop.

So far I’m liking having two separate planners, especially considering the Filofax would not be big enough to hold everything in those teeny tiny weekly pages. Maybe if it doesn’t work having two I’ll have to go back to an A5 next year.

How are you planning this year?

Em x

4 thoughts on “My 2015 planner set up

  1. Like your gear! I’ve got a Filofax for keeping track of myself (goals, to-dos, meals, blog writings/ideas) and a plain-Jane 2014-2015 student planner that I throw all our events and appointments in for my husband. The student planner also has the week on two pages with plenty of space for recording activities.

    1. Thanks! Sounds like a good set up! I definitely want to look into a system for more than just day to day planning like long term goal planning..

  2. You could make your goals their own tab. I haven’t done this yet, but am also looking into it. Create a “goals” tab, and have sections within the tab for each of your long-term goals. That way they’re handy. From there, I suppose a checklist would work? The hardest part for me is breaking larger goals into smaller things I can accomplish. When you figure it out, let me know! 😉

    1. I guess the first bit for me would be to actually agree some firm goals for the year – it’s all a bit vague at the moment. I’ll no doubt get a post together when I finally get something sorted but your idea sounds like a good place to start.

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