My Week #1

To start off this new planner year I’m sharing the weeks from each of my planners.

To start, my Filofax. I’m still getting into the swing of decorating this, as I explained earlier in the week and the lack of a good hole punch is hamping me me decorating any more pages in this way.


As you can see, not much in the way of decoration. The stamp from one of the Oh Deer Me kits I ordered *just* fits in the space but I found it made the pages look messy. Not sure why. As you can see it’s mainly used for to do lists for work and the tracking of petrol costs at the moment. Hopefully this will evolve over time into something a bit prettier.


My Piyo diary is looking a lot prettier in comparison.

week 1

I’ve been using some thin washi to make important thing – my gym trips and face masks (my skin is horrific lately). Other than a few todos and some stickers there’s not much more to this week but I can see this evolving much more over time to be more of a diary to record the events in my life rather than just something to plan with.

How was your week?

Em x

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