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Latest buys…

I’ve been concentrating on restocking the shop at the moment so have only picked up a couple of odd bits recently but wanted the share them nonetheless.

I didn’t really do much sale shopping. Other than an Orla Kiely handbag (which I managed to get half price – score!) there was nothing I really wanted. I even resisted the cheap Filofaxes in WHSmith -they had a Malden in the sale and I was so tempted. I did however pick up these cute washi tapes.


The packaging was a bit beat up on all of them but these were half price and of a decent quality. The three designs are presents, snowmen and snowflakes. Did I need anymore Christmas washi? No. Did I care? No.

Next up were some random purchases from Waterstones that I picked up whilst looking for one final Christmas present for Ed back in December.


Again the tape is Christmassy but I love the glitteryness of it. I might see if I can think of a non-Christmas use throughout the year. These alphabet stickers are quite large but I’m looking forward to making some cards with them. If I get round to making any Valentines cards this year (Ed and I don’t do Valentines and so I inevitably end up not making any at all) they’ll probably feature these lovely letters.

I’ve been extremely jealous of everyone with their Orla Kiely for Target pouches but I didn’t want to pay the horrible mark up on Ebay for one and didn’t know anyone in America but I did come across this wash bag in John Lewis. They sell smallish pouches similar to the Target ones for £20 but this was around £25, much larger, and contained full sizes of body wash and shower gel. It seemed silly to fork out for a small one when actually this is perfect for taking to work with all my planning essentials in. In it I carry my Filofax so hopefully it shouldn’t get beaten up like my last planner and my two pencil cases (one for pens and one for sticky notes and tape).

IMG_3895As a bit of a random purchase I bought a little Habitat tray.


I love trays. No idea why. They’re just so cute and great for functional or decorative use. I also love Habitat and was so sad when it all but disappeared from the high street. This is quite a small tray, just a bit bigger than my A5 planner from last year and now has a home on my desk. It doesn’t have a specific use but has come in handy when I’ve been crafting to put little bits and pieces on.

I’ve seen lots of people trying to do no spend January’s and have been impressed with their resolve. January is definitely a bad month for it with all the sales. I wouldn’t mind trying one at some point to see if I can do it though. Maybe a project for March…

Have you picked up anything cute lately?

Em x


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