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Using self adhesive vinyl with the Silhouette

One of my awesome Christmas presents this year was a pack of self adhesive vinyl for use with my Silhouette (alone with a new cutting mat and blade).

There’s just so much you can do with it but before I got into any projects I just wanted to have a play with it and see how easy it was to use.


This was the range of colours I received with 5 each of the black and white.

First I wanted to see how well the Silhouette cut and picked a cute hedgehog.

IMG_3879 IMG_3877

As you can see from the first picture it cuts through the vinyl allowing you to just peel the top layer off and leave the backing. I stuck the hedgehog on to my to do list that lives on my computer tower. It was relatively straightforward to peel off – the only tricky bit was the the little holes on the back of the hedgehog as they were still slightly attached to the rest of the design and needed delicately removing with tweezers. Where I couldn’t quite do that the little bit got stuck at the back and meant that when I put the hedgehog on the pad it didn’t lie completely flat.

I then realised the vinyl would be perfect to label my wooden drawers with and set about finding the perfect font to use.


Sorry for the awful picture quality!

The placement of the vinyl left a lot to be desired as it was a little fiddly all in one piece and I didn’t really make enough effort to get them properly centered. I didn’t spend too much time getting it right as the labels from the label maker that were on there before left some lovely marks and thus I’ll probably end up painting these drawers at some point.

I can’t wait to do some more stuff with the vinyl… I’m like a kid in a sweet shop though – so many projects and I can’t decide which to do first!

Have you used vinyl with your Silhouette?

Em x

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