Rapesco Diary Hole Punch Take 2

On the back of my poor review of this hole punch a few weeks ago Rapesco got in contact and wanted to send me a new one to use.

Now that’s what I call customer service! Not only were they going to send me a new hole punch but also a couple of other goodies. Given some appalling customer service I’ve received lately thanks to Zatchels (that’s another post for a day when I’ve calmed down. I still haven’t and it’s been weeks.) I was pretty impressed.


What a nice little pile of goodies!

I was excited by the stapler as I’ve been after a good one to experiment on my cards with for a while and this is a nice well built one. The Supaclip intrigued me and is actually a great little item. It’s basically a bulldog clip without the large handles, meaning you can attach lots of sheets of paper (up to 40) and not have a huge clip attached to it, stopping it from lying flat. I can see this being great for putting piles of cardmaking supplies or scrap paper together.

Next I unpacked the hole punch and was dying to try it – the compliments slip said it had been tested before it was sent. And how did it work? I’ll let you judge that…


This was actually on the compliments slip I received. I’ve no idea what on earth I’m doing wrong with the punch. I even got Ed to try it and he got a similar result. I carried on playing with it and got slightly better results on a Project Life card I was itching to put in my Filofax so I’m just going to continue using it for the time being, albeit minimally. One tip I’ve had thanks to a fantastic planning group I’m on on Facebook is to use it on foil a few times to sharpen the blades. This one is better than the original one I received so here’s hoping this little trick helps me get a perfectly working punch!

I have to say that Rapesco have been awesome. They’ve been 100% more helpful than the company I actually bought the original punch from and for that, they’ve gained a loyal customer in me.

What punch do you use for your Filofax?

Em x

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