My Weeks 8&9

A couple of busy weeks in my Piyo diary.

There’s been a lot of lists and not huge amounts of decoration but I like that. I’ve been trying to get themes in my planner for the past few weeks – week 8 ended up being animals and week 9 has been yellow.

Week 8

The page next to this is blank as each month in this planner has space for five weeks which you don’t need every month.

Week 9

I’m not using the blank sheet at the start of each month (to the left of weekly page here) and instead just leave it looking pretty. I feel like I should to better plan my month but as my yearly planner has space for key objectives for each month, I don’t really feel like I need to yet.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of shopping lately (and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my mini hauls already.


Yes. I bought all this from Staples. In my defence everything here was £1.50 each AND buy one get one free! I cleared my local shop out of the labels but if you’re quick you can probably find a bargain or two still. The sad thing is it means that Staples are discontinuing their Martha Stewart range which is sad. I’m excited to use the accordian files – not sure what they’re going to be used for yet but I’m sure I’ll update you when I find a use!

IMG_4191This was a little order from Etsy shop Lemon Cat Shop. These stickers are so cute! I’m looking forward to using the transparent ones on the right – I’ve definitely got a thing about transparent stickers at the moment because they go so well in my Piyo diary.

IMG_4196Another bargain and this time from Tesco! These were £1.50 a pack and buy one get one free! They’re only 3 metres but they’re so cute! I bought a second pack of the blue/silver ones to list in the shop for those that don’t have a Tesco.

I’ve had a good productive few weeks thanks to my planner. I’ve still got some more things I’ve ordered on their way (including my first Kikki K!) so there’s hopefully lots of happy mail due my way in the next few weeks.

How have your weeks been?

Em x

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