Benefit Roller Lash Review

I have a weakness for mascaras.

Despite the fact I love my Seventeen Dolled Up mascara as soon as I get a whiff of a new one I’m there! I needed to go to Benefit recently and pick up some more Porefessional and while I was there I noticed the new mascara, Roller Lash, that I’d seen everywhere. They had an offer where if you bought two Benefit items, one to be the new mascara you got 1000 Advantage card points (worth £10). That, coupled with a 500 points voucher I had meant I would be paying like £4 for the mascara or something silly like that so I couldn’t really resist.


I’ve always liked Benefit mascara but never really loved it so I was intrigued as to how I’d feel about this. The first thing I’ll say about it is it doesn’t really curl the lashes. It claims that you don’t need eyelash curlers if you’re using this but even in the promotional shots on their website you can see that there really isn’t that much curl to it. Instead what I found is that it did give my lashes some length and definition and I did like the overall effect. There’s definitely more of an awake look when I’ve got this mascara on. However, this mascara also smudges just as bad as all their others and was impossible to wear for a day at work – I ended up looking like I’d had a fight by the end of the day. It also took a bit of work to remove, just like their other offerings.

Aside from smudging issues I liked this mascara. It didn’t do exactly what it said on the tin but it produced nice results. Results worth £19.50? No. If Benefit actually made mascaras that didn’t smudge (or waterproof versions although I fear they’d probably remove half your lashes when you tried to take it off) then I’d probably love them, but I think I’m just going to avoid them altogether in future.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Em x

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