My Weeks 12&13

Some more time off for me meant that I had lots of lovely todo lists in my planner these past couple of weeks and I got pretty much most of it done.

I love writing lists and ticking them off meaning as soon as I saw TheResetGirl’s #listersgottalist challenge I knew I had to participate! But more on that later in the month…


As of payday I started a no spend! I don’t need anymore crafty supplies so I’m going to take a month off spending and see how much I save.

My week 13 was spread over two weeks as we went from March to April.


Back to work this week and sadly Ed was ill (4am a&eย visits FTW) hence why there’s a couple of cancelled plans. I had the weekend off so there was lots of time for stuffing my face full of Easter eggs! I’ve also started up a proper colour coding system for my planner. I’ll give it a few weeks to bed in and then probably do a post on it if it works out.

How have your weeks been?

Em x

One thought on “My Weeks 12&13

  1. Your blog looks fab is there any chance you could view mine? Youre a lot better at it than me and I would really like some feedback on mine as I am just starting out and would like to know if there’s anything I can improve on, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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