New Planner! Mon Journal by Invite.L

So of course I didn’t need another planner. But when has that ever stopped me?

I don’t even know how I came across this planner but I knew when I saw it, I had to have it. I ended up ordering it direct from Invite.L which is a Korean stationery brand that seems to specialise in clean, beautiful, practical stationery.

I’m being good and saving it for next year but couldn’t resist taking you on a quick tour (as no doubt I’ll end up setting it up waaay before the end of the year) before I fill it with stuff.


Like I said, this brand is clean but pretty. The front cover is a very pale pink, which you only just make out from the picture.

IMG_4131After a title page you go straight into a yearly plan. I love this! From the design of the boxes to the fact that it’s on grid paper it just ticks every box going.


The monthly pages are just as pretty and I love the todo list section down the left hand side so I can designate weekly tasks (much like I do now in my Livework Planner). A bonus to this is the fact that it starts on a Sunday which kind of makes this ideal for work (our weeks start on a Sunday).


After the month page you the go into five pages of weekly plans. This is a great set up – one side for the days of the week and a mini todo list for each day and the right hand side is free for notes etc. Again, I love the grid pages and the boxes for the free notes section. This set up definitely reminds me of the Inkwellpress planner which I desperately want but they don’t ship to the UK yet!


Then after the diary comes about ten pages of notes, again in a cute design.


Finally in the back is a page for personal details and an envelope which is a nice touch and sometimes forgotten about in bound planners.

love this planner. I’m itching to get using it! I can’t imagine this will be the only planner I buy before the end of the year but this will definitely be top of the list for use next year!

What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful?

Em x


4 thoughts on “New Planner! Mon Journal by Invite.L

    1. I’m not surprised! It’s just so pretty! The page thickness is really good. It’s probably in between my Kikki K pages and the refill for my Midori. You’d probably get some bleed thorough depending on pens but it would generally be fine.

  1. Hi Em! I used this planner last year and I loved it. It makes you become a planner addict! The style is simple / minimalist but yet elegant. I love it and hope you will too!

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