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My Little Box April Review

Imagine my annoyance when I receive an email on my last day of work before nearly a week off saying that My Little Box had dispatched.

Why would that annoy me, I hear you ask. I get the box sent to my workplace as it’s cheaper – d’oh! It did mean that on my first day back at work in amongst the stress of catching up on everything I had the joy of sneaking quick peeks of my April box and boy was there a lot to sneak a peak at!


This was the stuff that arrived but the packaging and extras this month were the best I’ve ever seen in a subscription box.


Here’s a close up of the beauty goodies and the lovely bag they came in. At first glance I was slighty disappointed with what I received – a hair mask (same as last month), a lip product (same as last month) and a body lotion (last month was a hand cream). However, the products themselves outweigh any concerns…

The lip balm/tint is Loved by Lou Lesage and is my favourite thing in the whole box. I failed in taking a good picture of the colour but it’s a lovely red tint that enhances the colour of my lips rather than completely covering it in colour. It’s extremely wearable and feels great on my lips. Because it’s a pale red it goes with anything and I’ve been wearing it as much as possible outside of work. I was actually kind of excited about the body lotion (which I never normally am) because I’ve never tried a Cowshed product before but have always wanted to. This body lotion smells fantastic – the ginger packs quite a punch and reminds me of the ginger Origins range that I always look at longingly. I wouldn’t say it necessarily moisturises my skin any better than most other lotions I have in my collection but the smell means it hasn’t been sent to the excess toiletry box.

The hair mask was a tricky one to review as it’s for split ends and for once I’ve actually had my cut therefore I tried it but couldn’t really tell a difference to my hair. I’ll give it another whirl in a few weeks when my hair is looking a bit tired.

I was so excited to see some stationery in this month’s box…


Take a look at the box it came in – so cute. I was eager to try this stamp and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t stamp all that well I’m afraid, even with my own StazOn ink. The stamps came out pretty patchy and one I even had to cover up with washi tape. I compared it with another roller stamp I have (from Hema) and could see the difference immediately. While disappointed, I’m still happy I’ve got another stamp to add to my collection, even if I won’t be using it loads.

Finally we got a piece of jewelry…


The necklace itself came in the white cloud and you had to cut it open. The Walt Disney quote is now up on my wall. The charm says ‘bonne etoile’ which means lucky star. Sadly I’m not a jewelry wearer so I may do something else with this necklace.

I LOVED this box. The way they take a theme and keep it running in everything they give you in the box – even down to extra little bits and packaging is impressive. While the products were similar to last month’s they saved it by sending some great products and everything I got was definitely worth the subscription price!

What did you think of the box this month?

Em x

4 thoughts on “My Little Box April Review

  1. I loved this months theme Em 🙂 I don’t stamp very often so I can’t tell the difference between a good or bad stamp to be honest! But I love the fact there’s stationery in our boxes 🙂

    1. It’s just such a well put together box and the fact that it contains such different things each month just makes me love it even more!

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