Making planner stickers with my Silhouette

I’ve been after some cute planner stickers for a while.

However after scouring Etsy I had two frustrations:

1) Very few are actually my style – they all seem to be really bright in your face colours.

2) If they are my style they’re in the US and for some reason the seller is trying to charge £6 shipping for a sheet of paper.

So after remembering that I do infact have a colour laser printer and a Silhouette I ordered some sticker sheets and set about making my own.

I didn’t want anything too complicated – just simple flags and dots that I could write or stamp on. After playing around in Inkscape and Fireworks I discovered I could actually just make them in Silhouette easy enough by using the fill feature (which I’m embarrassed to admit I’d never actually discovered).

As intended I started off with some simple flags.


I was just trying out different colours there and finding out that what I see on screen is vastly different to what prints! The alignment on the cut wasn’t 100% either so some of the stickers have got white bits on.

For the next set I added an extra filled shape around the outside so that even if the alignment was out the stickers would still look right with no white bits.


These worked out much better. I made a couple of sets of these and some dot ones too for colour coding with the intention of putting them in the shop. I then played with some text on the stickers.

IMG_4737This is my new favourite font (which you may have seen in my new shop logo). I don’t know whether I prefer the rounded edges to the sheets or not. I feel like they look a bit more finished with the rounded corners?

Anyway, I’m sure these will evolve over time as I find my style but in the meantime the ones I have made so far (and not kept for myself) are in the shop with more to be added soon!

What do you think of these? Any suggestions for future stickers?

Em x


12 thoughts on “Making planner stickers with my Silhouette

  1. Wow! I’d love to see how you made these, I’ve been on the lookout forever for some cute planner stickers (you know, to note bin days and laundry days and date nights etc…) but they’re all over in the US and I know all about that shipping fee!
    Never even heard of Shilouette…!

    1. Hey! I’ll gladly do a post next week taking you through the stages! A Silhouette is an electronic cutting machine and because it connects to your PC you can pretty much do anything with it! I’ll get the post up early next week. In the meantime let me know if there’s something I could make for you. 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you are doing these 🙂 I think the same about the stickers out there – I’m not keen on the style & shipping is expensive. There is one shop I order from consistently from the states as I just love her artwork and she’s so lovely. I’ve just placed an order with you though – so excited to find a UK seller x

    1. I saw the notification that you’d placed an order and got very excited! Thank you! You’re the first person to buy these so far! I’ll get them shipped ASAP! Who do you normally order from? I’m always on the lookout for more cute stickers (I can’t draw so anything with pictures I’ll still have to buy) x

      1. I had a sneaking suspicion you might say her as I’ve just discovered her on Instagram this past week… Such cute designs!

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