Kikki K Planner Setup

I caved. After spending ages wondering what all the fuss was about with Kikki K there was a sale and a discount coupon and suddenly I was buying one.

After much debating I went for the large pink one.


It’s very pretty in real life and I love the design of the inside. It’s also clearly very well made. After taking it out of the box and looking at it a lot I didn’t really do much with it. I’d fallen into the trap of buying a planner without good reason. After coming up with some reasons why I needed this I went about setting it up.


I tend not to go overboard with putting millions of things in my internal pockets and so I just stuck with the notebook that came with the planner (I really did love the bits that came with it) and a couple of post it notes that matched. The dashboard isn’t really set up properly yet as it’s currently housing my little cheat sheet for what is in each section – I’ve used the divider stickers I got with the planner and they’re a little vague.


I’ve been put off buying this planner before because of the gold rings but actually in real life they work well with the planner and I’ve grown to like them.

So as the first divider was ‘calendar’ I decided to go with this as my first section and something I desperately needed – a birthday/special date calendar.


I added washi and lettering to each month for a bit of decoration but aside from write in the important dates, that’s all I’ve done with these inserts. The inserts themselves are lovely quality and I love the cream colour of them.


The other sections are pretty simple so far too – I’ve just spread out the lovely note paper that came with the planner and added in these cute envelopes in sections where they’ll be useful.

The second section is dedicated to birthday planner and is filled with a list of potential birthday presents for Ed.ย The next two sections are dedicated to the Etsy shop.ย I’ve then devoted a section to my crafty stash although I haven’t really decided on what will go in here – I’m thinking washi tape samples and where I got them from, or pictures of my cardmaking supplies so I can see at a glance what I’ve got to play with. Before the notes section there’s a place for craft shops I want to go to. I’m forever seeing adverts for craft shops I want to visit around the country, or websites that sound good and never note them down anywhere!

I’ve also added a big todo list at the front of the planner – I’m calling it my ‘life todo list’. Basically anything I think I need to do in the next few weeks gets jotted down there and then transferred into my Livework planner in the week I intend to complete it. I started jotting shop todo’s in the shop section but I find it much less stressful to have just one list for all my thoughts and ramblings so I can see at a glance how much I have going on. I also like having the list tucked away in my planner rather than out and around on a desk somewhere.

I was slightly disappointed to not receive diary refills in here but to be honest, I’ve no idea what I’d use them for. I guess I feel like a planner is incomplete if it doesn’t have a diary. Is that just me?! But overall I love this planner and as I get into my plans to expand the shop I’ll definitely be picking it up more and more.

The problem now will be to stop myself from buying another next time there’s a sale…

Do you have a Kikki K? What do you think?

Em x

5 thoughts on “Kikki K Planner Setup

  1. I have been lusting after one for some time but am super picky with the colour of the planner and by the time I found out about Kikki K, the gold and lilac ones had all sold out! I always check back to the site to see what their latest collections are though…. Thanks for the review though, makes me think like it might be worth it. I’m between a Filofax Original and a Kikki K. What’s your favourite?

    1. The colour/style is tricky when it comes to the Kikki K as there’s so many that just aren’t me whereas I seem to like more Filofaxes. However if you want A5 size I’d go Kikki K as I don’t like the floppyness of the A5 Original and the Kikki K is lovely and sturdy without being heavy. Personal size, I love my Original and have just bought a second one! Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Really does! Thanks for the heads up! I was eyeing the neon A5 Original in Paperchase when it was reduced, but even when it was reduced, I couldn’t justify that much on a planner…leather or not. Kikki K seem to be of good quality and reasonably priced too. I guess I’ll have to just hold out for ‘the one’. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Oh good! The Original’s can be got for a decent price if you shop around – probably cheaper than a Kikki K but then if you don’t mind waiting for a sale you can get some bargains there too – I didn’t pay customs on my Kikki K so it was really good value. Definitely decide what your favourite is, and then try and find a good deal!

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