My Weeks 20 & 21

A lovely pretty couple of weeks in my Piyo Diary. 

This has been largely down to making some planner stickers for the first time! I made some simple ones to add a bit of colour to my planner (I’m struggling with not feeling like I can decorate this too much as it’s already so pretty) and some blog post stickers as I was getting hacked off with the ink smearing on my washi and going everywhere. Then Ed (as he’s the truly arty one in this relationship) drew some for me to make. You can tell which are his – they’re the awesome cartoon ones! Aside from playing with stickers I’ve had a pretty busy (for me) couple of weeks trying to get stuff done. I still haven’t caught up with my scrapbooking through. That’s going to be a job for next month I think…

my weeks 20 and 21

How have your weeks been?

Em x

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