Latest Buys

Another shameless haul post today!

Actually, as I don’t want to overload the blog – this is various purchases from the last month or so.

Hobbycraft Sale

After getting the email, looking at it briefly, and deciding that there was nothing of any worth in it, I noticed on the FB Planner Group that I’m a member of that there were Project Life kits in the sale. As I’m a sucker for journal cards I had to take a quick look…


The PL kit was £22.49 and obviously I had to get up to £30 for the free delivery so I added a few other bits! All this is mainly for journalling/listers gotta list (which I’m so behind with) but I’m trying to find new ways to work them into my planning and cardmaking… watch this space!


I love supporting my fellow Etsy sellers and after stumbling across a shop that sold some cute washi tape I’d seen during my so-called no spend month, I indulged! The shop is called Cute Things From Japan and they package up their orders beautifully!


I also got some free washi samples and a handwritten thank you note!


The two rolls of tape are the ones I’ve been after a while, the first set of samples are the free ones and the second set is some Midori samples I ordered as the full size rolls were rather expensive! The panda is just a small stamp which I just couldn’t resist – anyone who’s ordered from my shop knows I love pandas!

Freckled Fawn

I’m also a sucker for a Freckled Fawn sale. I love their kits but I can’t bring myself to pay to subscribe and so far the only things I’ve bought from them have been in the sale. The other week they had some blooper bags on sale…


These were $5 each! Plus just under $12 for shipping. Absolute bargain!


These are supposed to be slightly faulty items but I can’t see anything wrong with any of the above aside from a packaging issue on one of the washis. This is a fab little selection for $5.


It was the same story with this set – aside from the print on the yellow washi being a bit pale I didn’t see an issue with any of these! There’s a bit of a random selection and some Christmas bits but for £14 I was very happy!

So just a few buys this month…

I wish I could avoid sales…

Are you a sucker for a bargain too?

Em x

2 thoughts on “Latest Buys

  1. Some excellent bargains!! I always seem to be poor when Hobbycraft have sales! The last time I was in there with a basket full of impulse stuff and had to think “how will I eat for the rest of the month?!”…..if only I could get by on embellishments alone…*sigh*

    1. I know!! It’s just all too tempting! Even when I go in for certain things I end up coming out with more than I bargained for (happened just this weekend). Don’t get me started on Etsy… I currently have a basket full of items on there waiting to purchase!

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