My Little Box May

My Little Box just gets better each month!

I love L’Occitane products and in particular, their Verbena range. I was in for a bit of a treat this month…


I struggle to describe fragrances but I’d say the Verbena is a strong fresh/citrus scent? I wouldn’t say it smells overly summery. It does smell amazing though and this scent is my current perfume. The Mer and Mistral shower gel at the back is a scent of theirs I’d never tried before and I really like this. What I get the most from this is rosemary and it smells almost masculine? L’Occitane handcream is one of the best I’ve ever used and the scent is of roses which is nice but rather strong.

The My Little Beauty product this month is an eye pencil.


It’s a nice goes-with-anything colour, and is a really soft, buildable texture. I wore this on an evening out and while it didn’t fold it did fade. Not a bad little addition to my make up selection though, and handy for taking on holiday.

The cuff is interesting. The cotton that comes with it is so you can personalise it anyway you want and there’s hints and tips in the little magazine in terms of design for it. Sadly though I’m not generally a jewelry person and cuffs look a little strange on me.

Finally, the little doll magnets at the back are fun and a bit different. It’s not the best made item but it adds something a little brighter to my fridge!

In addition I was also sent a code for a free gift if I spent £30 with L’Occitane. The free gift came in a cute little bag so naturally I had to order some things to get the free gift!

Once again I love the selection of products, even if there were some things in there that I’ve used before. I really liked the eye pencil and can see myself using it in the future. The only negative I’d say is that the L’Occitane minis are uber minis – sizes that I’ve never seen before outside of a hotel room (aside from the soap).

What did you think of your box this month?

Em x

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