My first Oyatsu Box!

I’m a sucker for subscription boxes!

I heard of something called an Oyastsu Box that sends you Japanese sweet treats each month for $25 and I signed up immediately!

After an annoyingly long wait (I’d paid for my second box before the first even arrived!) it finally came…


No pretty packaging sadly, just a regular cardboard box but it’s the goodies inside that count!


Look at it all! I couldn’t believe how much stuff was here! It was all sweets aside from an inflatable Pokeball at the back (which it a pretty cool thing to throw around the flat). The leaflet that you saw on the first picture gave you a little bit of info on each of the products inside.

Mike’s Butter Soy Popcorn – was just waaaay too buttery! I love butter but it was too rich and practically inedible sadly.

Meiji Aqua Gummy and Gummy Sushi Kit – you didn’t get a lot in each of these but what you did get was tasty.

Pucchito Kudamono Miracle – these are like fruit sweets that you pull apart and are super tasty! These were one of my favourites.

Yokai Watch Ramen Bites – this is actually sweets made from noodles. I gave them too Ed and he thought they were tasty, if a little odd.

Peanut Pocky – another favourite and something I was already familiar with. Very tasty – just like peanut butter.

Puccho – nice little sweets but one thing I found with this and other items is that there are a few flavours that I’m not familiar with and weren’t all that great tasting.

Coffee Choco-Almond – very tasty chocolate and coffee covered almonds!

Tsunagete Soda – another pack that had a weird flavour in so this wasn’t one I was that keen on.

Hi Chew – these were my favourite thing altogether and I’ve been saving them by only having one a day! They’re lemon chews and just ridiculously tasty.

In all I really liked this box and it’s definitely something different to receive monthly. Should I continue to get a great mix of things I’ll definitely keep signed up to this. It beats snacking on same old chocolate every night.

Have you tried this box before?

Em x

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