Effaclear Anti Blemish System

I’m fed up with my acne.

I’ve had it now for eight years and it just doesn’t seem to let up… in fact it appears to be getting worse.

I was perusing the new Liz Earle counter at my local Boots when I realised that I’ve been back on Liz Earle for a while and not really seen any improvement in my skin. So rather than just going for ‘same old same old’ I decided to have a look down the general skincare aisle and see if anything jumped out at me.


This jumped out at me.

I’ve used elements of La Roche-Posay before and liked their products. That, coupled with their claim of visible results within 24 hours had me intrigued and I decided to give it a whirl.

effaclear2This set is your usual routine – cleanse, tone and moisturise.

The cleanser is a nice foaming gel that does a great job of removing any make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh. The toner definitely has that post-tone tingle but not to the extent of Clinique’s clarifying lotion (yikes, that stuff almost burns). The moisturiser is pretty much a serum but still makes for a good enough base for make up.

The packaging was correct. I did actually see a result after 24 hours. And after 6 weeks of use I still have plenty of product left and can absolutely see some improvement to my skin.

I still have acne, but not as much. I do still get the extremely painful, swollen spots that actually hurt my head and I’d say overall the numbers of those haven’t reduced. The biggest difference I’ve found though is in the general texture of my skin. Despite the acne my skin feels a lot softer and smoother which I’ve been loving.

Despite the skin being in general smoother one side effect of this regime that I’m not loving is how dry my skin is now. I was getting some pretty big dry patches at first and so dropped down to using the moisturiser just once a day and now I just get dryness when wearing make up. This still really bugs me though and is even making me contemplate changing from my beloved Clarins foundation. 😦

So while I’ve seen some improvement to my skin, the dryness is definitely not worth it and if you have acne prone skin that gets dry from time to time this is something to steer clear from. As I’ve still got about half the product left I’ll be switching out some of the products so each morning and evening I won’t be using all three of the products together so that I can still (hopefully) see some improvement without the resulting dryness.

Have you found any acne products that truly work? Please let me know in the comments!

Em x


3 thoughts on “Effaclear Anti Blemish System

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve suffered with acne for about 16 years. It all stopped when I spoke to one of my aunts about it: she had beautiful, radiant, amazing skin that had never seen a spot.
    Her secret? “I never ever ever put water on my face”
    I was disgusted, but then she went o. To tell me that she uses Simple face wipes for “normal” skin.
    Instead of traditional make up, she uses Olay Tinted Moisturiser with the SPF15 in.
    Since I’ve adopted the routine, I’ve not looked back: my skin has had the odd one or 2, but no more than that. Perfection 🙂


    1. You know that really makes sense as when I have a few days off I tend not to wash my face and do as little to it as possible and see a difference. Thank you, I may just try it next! X

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