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Succulent Fish Bowl

Something a little bit different today!

As I’m sure I’ve said before, thanks to my change of work I’m now spending all my money on home things instead of make up and skincare.

I’ve bought a few plants too despite not being green fingered at all (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my new garlic chives recently). I’ve seen succulents all over at the internet at the moment and they very much seem to be the ‘in’ thing. I was immune to it all until we started getting them into work. Then suddenly I was looking at these ultra cute 99p plants wondering what on earth I could do with them!

The last time I went home I was moaning to my mum about these lovely little plants and how I wanted to do something decorative with them but didn’t know what. She gave me a fantastic idea of putting them into a fish bowl!

You may be wondering why I don’t just put them in separate pots but I have cacti already in little pots around the kitchen and I wanted something a bit bigger and something I could use as a focal point/centerpiece on my dining table.


So the idea was simple. A large fishbowl filled with small gravel and the succulents in the middle in some compost. The succulents and compost themselves were easy – they just came from work. The fish bowl and decorative gravel proved trickier. Most fish bowls were pretty small and would only have fit around three succulents in at a push and I wanted something much bigger. I found one at Asda but the quality of it just wasn’t that great. The decorative gravel was all a bit small and painted when I just wanted some natural looking gravel.

In the end I stumbled upon a fantastic one in Home Bargains. It cost £10 and was of a good quality and very thick and sturdy. They had different sizes too and so if I wanted to to make another, smaller one I’d probably buy it from there.

The gravel ended up coming from Pets at Home (the kind of gravel that is actually meant for fish tasks) I’ve no idea why I didn’t think of there first. I just bought the biggest bags of the basic stuff which were £2 each. I ended up using four bags though, meaning it probably would have been cheaper just to buy a bag of the proper stuff from a garden centre!


It looks so pretty! Though I’m not so sure on the aloe at the back as it doesn’t really match the others and is quite tall for the bowl. They’re lovely little plants although can be a little fragile. During planting one of the little bean style leaves broke off on the bottom right hand one.

To create your own the only extra thing you’ll need is some fabric membrane to go inbetween the gravel and the compost and this part was probably the biggest faff. I cut out a circle in the fabric and put it in the fishbowl. I then had to pour the gravel around the outside of the membrane. When the gravel was nearly to the top of the membrane I started putting the compost inside in the middle. When the compost was close to the top of the membrane I planted the succulents and once I was happy with the location of them I used the rest of the gravel to cover up the membrane and compost.

These are very low maintenance plants (weekly watering) and grow slowly so replanting into a bigger container shouldn’t be an issue.

This was a lovely little project and I’m so happy with the results! If you have any questions about it, drop me a comment below.

What do you think of my succulents?

Em x

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