Pens, pens, pens…

I bought many many things while I was in Bruges.

One of the many things was lots of pens. There is a great entertainment store in the middle of Bruges called Fnac that had an awesome stationery section. Loads of cool pens and a wall of notebooks! I’ve got loads of notebooks so I concentrated on the pens and over the course of three (yes, three) trips I bought a few…


While they weren’t the cheapest they were pretty decent prices. All of these (aside from the polka dot one at the bottom) were between 2 and 3 Euros. I really miss places where you can go and test pens out. Stores like Cult Pens are great but a) they don’t have colour examples for most of their pens and b) you can’t test them! My handwriting varies greatly between pens and I need to try one ideally before I buy.

The ones on the left are Pentel Slici which I’d never heard of before but I love how they write. They’re 0.7mm tip but they seem finer than that. The blue pen next to it is another Pentel and that’s the Energel. I have one of these in black already and it’s one of my favourite pens to write with. A 0.7mm tip once again but definitely thicker seeming than the Slici. The other blue pen is of course a Pilot G2. Another pen I love to write with. I had no idea they came in mini versions but this will be perfect for work in my pocket with a little notebook.

The Faber-Castells are pens I’d obviously heard of before but never used. I’m forever seeing people rave about them. Ed bought one of these too. Despite being a broad pen when I normally like thin ones I like this and enjoy writing with it. I’ll have to practice writing with them neatly though. What I will say about these is although the colours are fab they’re not the strongest and so the black once dry isn’t that strong.

The polka dot pen was just one I picked up in a cute shop for a Euro and while it writes okay it was bought purely because it’s pretty!

pen test

It’s not an amazing shot but I just wanted to show you how all of these write if you’ve never used them before. As you can see the Slicci’s are lovely and the colours are extremely vibrant! You can’t really tell in the black of the Faber how it’s faded but I’d say you probably can with the teal.

I love my Pilot pens (G2, Coleto and Frixion being obvious favourites) but finding the Slici has made me think I need to try a few more Pentels. I’ve found the Slici on Cult Pens so watch this space for another pen haul soon!

In the meantime, if there’s any pens you can recommend, let me know below!

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Em x

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