A5 Original Setup

I loved my fuchsia original but it was just too small. 

I bought an A5 Saffiano to get around the size issue but I really missed my Original. A while ago WHSmith had a Filofax sale (actually, their Filofaxes seem to be forever on sale) and I saw an A5 Original in Dark Aqua for only £40 and had to have it. As much I like my Saffiano, there’s nothing prettier than an Original in my opinion.

The vertical diary sheets that come with the A5 also weren’t really working for me as I like to write lots of lists and with such narrow columns it just wasn’t practical as each todo was taking up 3 or 4 lines. I didn’t particularly want to spend loads of money on new inserts just to potentially not like them too so I went for the standard Paperchase A5 inserts. For 18 months it’s only £6 and it’s just a basic horizontal format which will be good for me to try.

I waited until I’d found new inserts before setting up my Original and now I have them I can take you on a quick tour…


Some people hate the lack of pockets in the Original but I didn’t use half the stuff that was in my Saffiano pockets so I just stripped it right back. I wanted to go for yellow so I picked out some cute page flags and Martha Stewart post its for in here. The pen loops are strange in this. The inner one (that has the page flags in) is quite small and the outer one is huge. The reason I have a Bic in there is purely because I don’t want to take my prettiest pens to work and this was the only one I had that still had the little thing attached to the lid so it could hang on the pen loop. It’ll get replaced with a new pen soon!

The dashboard is something I received in May’s My Little Box and I knew as soon as I saw it that it would make the perfect dash for this planner. As you can probably see I’ve used the dividers I got with the Paperchase refill until I find some papers or dividers that go with my yellow, summery theme – if you know of any great places please comment below!

I want to take a second just to rave about the Paperchase refills. They’re cheaper than the Filofax refills but you get so much more! As well as the pack of dividers, the diary pages and usual note pages you also get a year planner and some address sheets all for just £6.

IMG_5085I’m sure I’ve moaned before about the lack of calendar inserts you get with a Filofax and the bumper Paperchase pack just really shows how shortchanged you get by them. To add to this, the paper quality does feel slightly better than that by Filofax. And although the dividers are quite basic looking, they’re much better in quality than the Filofax ones and I’d much rather use them in the interim, than the dividers that came with my Filo.

Anyway, moving on!


I’m really looking forward to trying these inserts. Just so much space. I feel like I’d feel more comfortable decorating these too – the vertical Filofax ones didn’t really lend themselves to decoration in my opinion. The stickers in the bottom corner are something I’m trying out in both my planners – I’ll be posting about them at some point.


Again I kept it simple at the back – just spares of my new weekly todo stickers. I’m not sure whether I’ll miss a full size notebook as I did quite like having the large punched notebook in the back of the Saffiano that I could write on and then place in my planner but we’ll see. I also love how flat this goes without any training! The only downside to that though is the planner itself feels a lot less sturdy than the Saffiano which I hadn’t experienced with my personal Original.

As you can see you do get a lot of dividers with the Paperchase pack and I don’t currently have something in all of them (I mean, who needs agenda, calendar AND diary sections?) and in fact in my work planner I don’t seem to use anything other than the yearly planner and the weekly planner but to have two sections would feel way too bare. I’ll review them and try and get some meaningful sections going on when I find some pretty papers to make new dividers with.

I love my Original and I’m hoping this set up is going to work for me much more. I’m sure if it doesn’t there’ll be a new planner post soon!

What do you think of the A5 Original?

Em x


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